List of massacres in Guatemala

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Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Spanish Embassy Massacre January 31, 1980 Guatemala City 36 Indigenous peasant activists were burnt alive alongside former vice president Eduardo Cáceres among others
Río Negro Massacre March 13, 1982 Río Negro, Baja Verapaz 177 Women and children were abused and murdered
Plan de Sánchez massacre July 18, 1982 Plan de Sánchez, Baja Verapaz 250 Mostly women and children, and almost exclusively ethnic Achi Maya were abused and murdered
Dos Erres massacre December 6, 1982 Dos Erres, La Libertad, El Peten 226 Women, Children, Men, many had their heads bashed with hammers and thrown into a well. Others thrown in still alive.
Panzós massacre[1] May 29, 1978 Panzós 30-60 Residents of village of Panzós were killed by the army


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