List of massacres in Belarus

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The following is a partial list of selected massacres that are known to have occurred in the territory of modern-day Belarus (some numbers may be approximated):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Pinsk massacre April 5, 1919 Pinsk 35 Jewish men from illegal gathering of suspected Bolshevik cell executed by Polish troops during Polish–Soviet War.[1]
Kurapaty massacres 1937–1941 Kurapaty (Minsk) 7,000–30,000 NKVD summary executions
Massacre of Brzostowica Mała September 18, 1939 Malaya Berestovitsa 50 ethnic Poles massacred by Belarusian peasants on the second day of the Soviet invasion of Poland.[2]
Slutsk Affair October 1941 Slutsk 4,000 part of the Holocaust; non-Jewish residents also killed
Dzyatlava massacre April 29 and August 10, 1942 Diatłowo (Dzyatlava) 1,500 carried out by the SS and Belarusian Auxiliary Police.[3]
Mirnaya massacre December, 1942 Mirnaya (Мірная), Belarus (be) 147 Nazi retribution for partisan attacks
Khatyn massacre March 22, 1943 Khatyn 149 Nazi troops from Ukrainian Auxiliary Police destroyed entire village (not to be confused with Katyn massacre).[4]
Naliboki massacre May 8, 1943 Naliboki 128 Polish civilians massacred by the Soviet partisans.[5]
2011 Minsk Metro bombing April 11, 2011 Minsk 15 including 204 injured


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