List of massacres in Argentina

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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Argentina (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Tragic Week January 7–19, 1919 Buenos Aires 700
Patagonia rebelde 1920–1921 Santa Cruz Province 1500
Napalpí massacre July 19, 1924 Napalpí, Chaco 200
Rincón Bomba massacre October-November, 1947 Las Lomitas, Formosa 27-1500
Bombing of Plaza de Mayo June 16, 1955 Plaza de Mayo 364
José León Suárez massacre June 9, 1956 José León Suárez, General San Martín Partido 18
Trelew massacre August 22, 1972 Trelew 16
Ezeiza massacre June 20, 1973 Ezeiza 13+ 365+ injured
San Patricio Church massacre July 4, 1976 Belgrano, Buenos Aires 5
Fatima Massacre August 20, 1976 Fátima 30
Massacre of Margarita Belén December 13, 1976 Margarita Belén, Chaco Province 22
Ramallo massacre September 17, 1999 Buenos Aires Province 4
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