List of massacres in Albania

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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Albania (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Places Deaths Notes
Massacres of Albanians in the Balkan Wars 1912-1913 Regions of today's Kosovo, Western Macedonia and Northern Albania 20,000-25,000 Serbian and Montenengrin army massacred Albanians
Massacre of Borovë July 9, 1943 Borovë 107 Nazi German forces killed civilians as a reprisal for a partisan attack
Elimination of opposition in 1947 1947 Tirana 16
Massacre of 1951 in Albania February 26, 1951 Tirana 22 Socialist People's Republic of Albania executed intellectuals without trial
Massacre of 28 February 1997 February 28, 1997 Vlorë 9
Massacre of Levan March 28, 1997 Levan 24
Massacre of Cërrik May 23, 1997 Cërrik, Elbasan 6 22 wounded
Massacre of Ura Vajgurore June 17, 1997 Ura Vajgurore 5 6 wounded
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