List of massacres during the Algerian Civil War

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Many massacres were committed during the Algerian Civil War that began in 1991. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) claimed responsibility for many of them, while for others no group has claimed responsibility. In addition to generating a widespread sense of fear, the massacres effected migration from and depopulation of the worst-affected areas. The number of massacres peaked in 1997, with a smaller peak in 1994, and they were particularly concentrated in the areas between Algiers and Oran, with very few occurring in the east or in the Sahara.

This list is not exhaustive and covers only events in which over 50 civilians or prisoners were killed; with the number of smaller massacres being far more numerous. Sources frequently disagree on the number of deaths.

Massacres of over 50 people in 1997-1998

Wilaya of Algiers

Wilaya of Ain-Defla

Wilaya of Batna

Wilayas of Bouira and Blida

Wilaya of Chlef

Wilaya of Medea

Wilaya of M'Sila

Wilaya of Oran

Wilaya of Relizane

Wilaya of Saïda

Wilayas of Tiaret and Tissemsilt

Other wilayas

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