List of massacres at sea

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List of events

Date Location Name Deaths Description
1781-11-29 29 November 1781, et seq Caribbean Sea, east of Jamaica Zong massacre 0,000,132 132–142 In order to claim on insurance, 132 to 142 African slaves were thrown overboard when potable water ran low.[1]
1917-04-08 8 April 1917 Western Approaches, 150 miles south-west of Scilly SS Torrington 0,000,034 34 After torpedoing Torrington, U-55s commander took the crew on deck and sank their lifeboats, then submerged, leaving them to drown. One crew member survived.
1918-06-27 27 June 1918 Western Approaches, 116 miles west of Fastnet Llandovery Castle 0,000,234 234 After torpedoing a Hospital ship, contrary to international law, U-86 rammed and sank lifeboats, firing on survivors. 24 crew escaped.
1940-08-23 8 August 1940 Central Atlantic, 800 miles west of Canary Islands SS Anglo Saxon 0,000,039 39 After sinking Anglo Saxon, German raider Widder fired on the lifeboats. One escaped, two crew survived.
1944-03-13 13 March 1944 South Atlantic SS Peleus 0,000,032 32 After torpedoing Peleus, U-852 fired on survivors clinging to wreckage. Three survived.
1917-04-08 18 March 1944 Indian Ocean, off Tanjong Priok SS Behar 0,000,104 104–108 After sinking Behar, Japanese cruiser Tone took the crew on board, then later killed them by beheading. Four men escaped.
1944-03-26 26 March 1944 Pacific Ocean Bismarck Sea Massacre Unknown After destroying a Japanese convoy, Allied boats and planes attacked Japanese rescue vessels, as well as survivors on life rafts and swimming or floating in the sea.[2]
1943-03-4 4 March 1943 Indian Ocean SS Tjisalak 0,000,105 105 After torpedoing Tjisalak, Japanese submarine I-8 took the survivors on board, then beat them to death.
1985-05-155 May 1985 Jaffna District, Sri Lanka Kumudini boat massacre 0,000,023 23 [3] Kumudini boat massacre, massacre of 23 Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan Navy in the sea off Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.[4]
1993-01-02 2 January 1993 Jaffna District, Sri Lanka Jaffna lagoon massacre 0,000,038 38 [5] Jaffna lagoon massacre, massacre of 38 Tamil civilians by Sri Lankan Navy in the sea off Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.[6]

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