Head of the Chechen Republic

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Head of the Chechen Republic
Standard of the President of the Chechen Republic.png
Standard of the Head of the Chechen Republic
Ramzan Kadyrov portrait.PNG
Ramzan Kadyrov

since 15 February 2007
Executive Department of Chechen Republic
StyleHis Excellency (formal), Sir (informal)
ResidenceGrozny, Chechnya
NominatorPolitical Parties
AppointerPopular votes
Term lengthSeven years (can elect once more)
Inaugural holderAkhmad Kadyrov
Formation5 October 2003

The Head of the Chechen Republic (formerly President of the Chechen Republic or President of Chechnya) is the highest office within the political system of the Chechen Republic. The office was instituted in 2003 during the course of the Second Chechen War, when the Russian federal government regained control over the region and after a constitutional referendum approved the current Constitution of the Chechen Republic.


According to the article 66 of the Constitution of the Chechen Republic, a citizen of Russia, no younger than thirty years old, may be elected Head. The term is for seven years, with no limits on serving multiple terms (prior to the 2007 constitutional referendum the Head was elected for five years, with a two term limit). The Head is not allowed to be at the same time a deputy of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic, or deputy of a representative body of local self-government.

Presidents and Heads of the Chechen Republic

No. Portrait Name
Term of Office Political Party
Took Office Left Office
1 Akhmad Kadyrov.jpg Akhmad Kadyrov
5 October 2003 9 May 2004 Independent
Sergey Borisovich Abramov.jpg Sergey Abramov
Acting President
9 May 2004 30 August 2004 Independent
2 Alu Alkhanov.jpg Alu Alkhanov
30 August 2004 15 February 2007 Independent
3 Ramzan Kadyrov portrait.PNG Ramzan Kadyrov
15 February 2007 Incumbent United Russia

The latest election for the post was held on 18 September 2016.

Candidates Party Votes %
Gairsolt Bataev Communist Party of the Russian Federation 4,042 0.63
Sultan Denilkhanov A Just Russia 3,403 0.53
Ramzan Kadyrov United Russia 626,980 97.94
Idris Usmanov Party of Growth 5,367 0.84

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