Grand Rapids Police Department

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Grand Rapids Police Department
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Motto"Professional, Progressive, and Responsive"
Agency overview
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionGrand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Kent County Michigan Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Grand Rapids Highlighted.svg
Map of the Grand Rapids Police Department's jurisdiction.
Headquarters1 Monroe Center NW
Grand Rapids MI
Unsworn members104[1]
Agency executive
  • Eric Payne[2], Chief of Police

The Grand Rapids Police Department is a municipal police department in the state of Michigan, United States.



The Grand Rapids Police Department was established in 1871.[3]

Headquarters Locations

To date, the GRPD headquarters has been in four different buildings; none of the previous sites remain standing today.[4] The first police headquarters consisted of a two-room office suite located over a grocer at 101 Monroe Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids.[5] In 1882, the department moved to the intersection of Lyon and Campau.[4] In 1892, a new headquarters was built at the intersection of Crescent and Ottawa designed by notable Detroit-based architect Elijah E. Meyers.[4] This location was expanded in 1915 and occupied for over 70 years before being demolished.[4][6] In 1967, the department moved to the newly built Hall of Justice, located on the site of the present-day DeVos Place convention center on Monroe Avenue.[7] In 2001, the department moved into the current headquarters, a renovated Herpolsheimer's department store located at 1 Monroe Center NW.[4][7]

Fallen Officers

A total of fifteen GRPD officers have been killed since the department's first recorded death in 1895.[8] Fourteen of those officers died on-duty, while one was killed off-duty attempting to rescue an electrocution victim.[8] Of those killed on-duty, eight were killed by gunfire and six were killed in traffic accidents.[8]


Patrol Vehicles

The GRPD utilizes the Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV for marked patrol vehicles.[9]

The department also utilizes a number of other platforms for specialized patrol functions, including bicycles,[10] segways,[11] and horses.[12]


The GRPD issues the 9mm Glock 17 as its primary service weapon. The department chose the Glock in 2014 as a replacement for the previously issued .40 caliber Sig Sauer P229 pistol.[13]

In 2015, the department began deploying Colt M4 semi-automatic rifles in marked patrol vehicles to supplement the shotguns that were already carried.[14]


GRPD officers carry a number of less-lethal options, including pepper spray, collapsible batons, and tasers.[15]

Body Cameras

All GRPD uniformed patrol officers wear Axon 2 body cameras.[16]


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