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Photo of GRID-Arenal offices, Arendal, Norway

GRID-Arendal is a centre collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), located in Arendal, Norway. The centre was established in 1989 by the Norwegian Government as a non-profit foundation to support the United Nations in the field of environmental information management and assessment, capacity-building and communications and outreach. It is part of the GRID network of environmental data and information centers, under the UN Environment Division of early warning and assessment. The GRID program itself was established in 1985 as a part of Earthwatch with the goal of providing useful environmental data to researchers and policy makers. GRID (Global Resource Information Database) centers also support developing countries through training programs and transfer of technology pertinent to geographic information systems and remote sensing.

GRID-Arendal works to synthesise environmental data into information products accessible to policy makers and the public. The GRID-Arendal website hosts a collection of environmental graphics, photographs and maps. The organisations motto is "Environmental Knowledge for Change".

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