Charles de Lasteyrie

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Charles de Lasteyrie
Charles de Lasteyrie.jpg
Charles de Lasteyrie in 1933
Born27 August 1877
Paris, France
Died28 June 1936 (1936-06-29) (aged 58)
Paris, France
Alma materÉcole des chartes
Parent(s)Robert de Lasteyrie
RelativesCharles Philibert de Lasteyrie (paternal great-grandfather)
Ferdinand de Lasteyrie (paternal grandfather)

Charles de Lasteyrie (1877-1936) was a French banker and politician. He served as a member of the Chamber of Deputies from 1919 to 1924, representing Corrèze, and from 1928 to 1936, representing the Seine department.[1] He served as the French Minister of Finance from 15 January 1922 to 26 March 1924.[1] He died on 28 June 1936.[2]


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