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If the article falls into one of the sub-categories below, please use the appropriate stub template.

  • If it is about a liberal political party or subject, please use {{liberal-stub}} instead (it will then also be listed in this category).
  • If it is about another political party, or about political parties in general, please use {{party-stub}} instead.
  • If it is about a politician, please use the relevant subcategory of {{politician-stub}} (e.g. {{UK-politician-stub}} or {{US-politician-stub}}); see Category:Politician stubs for a full list.
  • If it is about a political term, please use {{poli-term-stub}}.
  • If it is about a politics event (past, present or future) please use the template corresponding country of its occurrence. (For example, if its occurrence was, is, or will be in the United States, please use {{US-poli-stub}}.)
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