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Carnival Sunshine Curacao 2014.jpg
Carnival Sunshine docked at Curacao in 2014
  • Carnival Destiny (24 November 1996 – 4 May 2013)
  • Carnival Sunshine (5 May 2013 – present)
Owner: Carnival Corporation & plc
Operator: Carnival Cruise Line
Port of registry:
Route: Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean
Ordered: 1994
Builder: Fincantieri, Monfalcone, Italy
Cost: US$409 million
Yard number: 5941
Launched: 15 November 1995 as Carnival Destiny
Maiden voyage:
  • 24 November 1996 as Carnival Destiny
  • 5 May 2013 as Carnival Sunshine
Renamed: Carnival Sunshine
Refit: 2008, 2013, 2018
Status: Temporarily out of service due to COVID-19
Notes: [1][2][3]
General characteristics (As built)
Class and type: Destiny-class cruise ship
  • 102,853 GT
  • 73,081 NT
  • 11.142 DWT
Length: 272.2 m (893 ft)
Beam: 35.5 m (116 ft)
Draught: 8.3 m (27 ft)
Decks: 12
Deck clearance: 2,920 mm (115 in)
Speed: 22.5 knots (41.7 km/h; 25.9 mph)
Capacity: 2,642 passengers
Crew: 1,150
Notes: [1][3]
General characteristics (After 2013 Refit)
Class and type: Sunshine-class cruise ship
Tonnage: 102,853 GT
Length: 272.2 m (893 ft)
Beam: 35.5 m (116 ft)
Draught: 8.3 m (27 ft)
Decks: 13
Deck clearance: 2,920 mm (115 in)
Speed: 21 knots (39 km/h; 24 mph) [4]
Capacity: 3,002 passengers
Crew: 1,150
Notes: Renamed Carnival Sunshine after refit in 2013.

Carnival Sunshine (formerly Carnival Destiny) is the lead ship of the Sunshine-class cruise ship of cruise ships. Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Radiance will join her class in April 2019 and April 2020 respectively. With two of her four sisters, she is operated by Carnival Cruise Line. Built by Fincantieri at its Monfalcone shipyard in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, northern Italy, she was christened as Carnival Destiny in Venice, Italy, in November 1996 by Lin Arison, wife of Ted Arison, the founder of Carnival Cruise Line. [5][6] Since May 2019 the ship has been homeported in Charleston, South Carolina.[7]

Upon entering service, Carnival Destiny was the first passenger ship ever built to be over 100,000 tons as measured by gross tonnage.[8] She was renamed Carnival Sunshine on 5 May 2013, after receiving a major refit.[9] At a ceremony in New Orleans on 17 November 2013, she was formally renamed, with Lin Arison once again serving as her godmother.[10][11]


Carnival Destiny in 2007.

Carnival Destiny went into dry dock in Trieste, Italy in 2013 to be refitted and renamed Carnival Sunshine. The refitting, which was completed in May 2013, was delayed by a month to install new back-up generator systems.[12][13]


The propulsion system consists of six thruster units, three forward and three aft, each with variable-pitch propellers and 1760-kW motors. The electricity for the motors is provided by diesel generators.[14]

Following a multimillion-dollar refurbishment in 2005, Carnival Destiny featured three pools, a variety of dining options, lounges, nightclubs, a casino and a spa. Carnival Destiny received more modifications in 2010, including a movie screen on the Lido deck and cabin renovations.

On 6 March 2012, Carnival announced that Destiny would undergo a US$155-million dollar refit, and renaming of the ship as Carnival Sunshine.[12][13] The ship was re-launched on 5 May 2013. The refit included a racing themed waterpark with one of the biggest slides in Carnival's fleet.[15]

Areas of operation

Other than an 18-day cruise across the Atlantic to position her for the refit in Italy, the ship has always operated from ports in the United States cruising primarily to Caribbean destinations.[16][17]



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