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Barbara Ann Reynolds (born August 17, 1942) is an African-American journalist and author of a notable biography of Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson, the Man, the Myth, and the Movement, published in 1975. She has written for the Cleveland Press, Ebony magazine, Chicago Today, and the Chicago Tribune, were she served as the Washington correspondent until 1980. While at the Tribune she covered Jesse Jackson, with whom she at first had a close friendship. Later her relationship with Jackson took a more journalistic and professional tone, and she published the controversial and sometimes critical biography, which she later revisited as Jesse Jackson, America's David. She contributed a regular column to USA Today until 1996. Amongst other books, she wrote And Still We Rise: Interviews with 50 Black Role Models. In 1998, she released No, I Won’t Shut Up: 30 Years of Telling It Like It Is, that included a foreword by Coretta Scott King. In 2005, she published an autobiography, Out of Hell and Living Well.

Along with writing about social issues that interest her, Reynolds currently serves as a Pentecostal minister in Washington, D.C..


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