Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)

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United States
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Civil Works)
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R. D. James

since February 26, 2018
First holderVictor Veysey

The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), abbreviated ASA(CW), is an office of the United States Department of the Army responsible for overseeing the civil functions of the United States Army. The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) reports to the United States Under Secretary of the Army, who in turn reports to the United States Secretary of the Army

Functions overseen by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) include the Civil Works of the United States Army Corps of Engineers; control of the United States National Cemetery and the United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery; and the foreign non-military works of the Army Corps of Engineers. The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) is the civilian responsible for overseeing the work of the Chief of Engineers.

The position of Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) was created by Section 211 of the Flood Control Act of 1970 and reaffirmed in Section 501 of the Goldwater–Nichols Act of 1986.

Assistant Secretaries of the Army (Civil Works), 1975–Present

Picture Name Assumed office Left office President appointed by Secretary served under
Victor Veysey.gif Victor Veysey March 1975 January 1977 Gerald Ford Martin Richard Hoffmann
Michael Blumenfeld.jpg Michael Blumenfeld April 1979 January 1981 Jimmy Carter Clifford Alexander Jr.
William Gianelli.gif William Gianelli April 1981 May 1984 Ronald Reagan John Otho Marsh Jr.
Robert K. Dawson.JPEG Robert K. Dawson December 1985 May 1987
Robert W. Page, Sr..JPEG Robert W. Page December 1987 October 1990 Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
John Otho Marsh Jr.
Michael P. W. Stone
Nancy P. Dorn.jpg Nancy P. Dorn August 1991 January 1993 George H. W. Bush Michael P. W. Stone
Martin Lancaster.JPEG Martin Lancaster January 1996 June 1997 Bill Clinton Togo D. West Jr.
Joseph Westphal.jpg Joseph W. Westphal June 1998 March 2001 Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
Louis Caldera
Mike Parker.jpg Michael Parker October 2001 March 2002 George W. Bush Thomas E. White
John Paul Woodley Jr.jpg John Paul Woodley Jr. August 2003 April 2009 George W. Bush
Barack Obama
Francis J. Harvey
Pete Geren
Jo-Ellen Darcy.jpg Jo-Ellen Darcy August 2009 January 2017 Barack Obama John M. McHugh
Eric Fanning
R. D. James official photo (cropped).jpg R. D. James[1] February 26, 2018 Incumbent Donald Trump Mark Esper


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