Agostino Barbarigo (admiral)

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Agostino Barbarigo
Barbarigo headed the Holy League left wing (at top left) during the 1571 Battle of Lepanto, where both he and the commander of the opposing Turkish right wing, Mehmed Siroco, were killed in action.

Agostino Barbarigo (1518 – 9 October 1571) was a Venetian nobleman[1] who, numerous administrative and military assignments for Venice, including Venetian Ambassador in France (1554-1557). As an experienced commander and second in command of the Venetian contingent, he led the Christian left wing, during the Battle of Lepanto.[2] Although his galleys were victorious, he was mortally wounded by an arrow in the right eye.[3] The leader of the Turkish right wing and Barbarigo's tactical opponent, Mehmed Siroco, was also killed in the battle.[4]

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