2020 coronavirus pandemic in Zimbabwe

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2020 coronavirus pandemic in Zimbabwe
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
Index caseVictoria Falls
Arrival date20 March 2020
(1 week and 6 days)
Confirmed cases8

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached Zimbabwe in March 2020.


Zimbabwe saw its first COVID-19 case from a male resident of Victoria Falls who travelled back from the UK via South Africa on 15 March.[1] No deaths have been reported initially as erroneously indicated in some sources since the patient continues with self-isolation at home and showing signs of recovery.[2]

Two more cases in the country were confirmed on 21 March, both cases were in Harare.[3] On the 23 March, it was confirmed that noted Zimbabwean journalist Zororo Makamba was the first person in the country to pass away from the virus.[4][5][6]


Before there were any confirmed cases in the country, President Emmerson Mnangagwa had declared a national emergency, putting in place travel restrictions and banning large gatherings.[7][8] The country's defence minister Oppah Muchinguri caused controversy by stating the coronavirus could be a divine punishment on Western nations for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe.[9]

On March 23, President Mnangagwa announced additional measures: 1) closure of Zimbabwe's borders to all non-essential travel, except for returning residents and cargo; 2) closure of bars, nightclubs, movie houses, swimming pools, and sporting activities; 3) restriction of all public gatherings to fewer than 50 people; and 4) restriction of hospital visits to no more than one per day.[10][11] On March 27 the government announced that the country would go into a nationwide lockdown for 21 days from the 30 March onwards.[12]


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