2020 coronavirus pandemic in Togo

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2020 coronavirus pandemic in Togo
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
First outbreakWuhan, Hubei, China via France or Germany
Index caseLomé
Arrival date6 March 2020
(4 weeks)
Confirmed cases39

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached Togo in March 2020.


After an extraordinary council of ministers on 16 March, the government announced they would establish an XOF 2 billion fund to fight the pandemic. They also established the following measures: suspending flights from Italy, France, Germany, and Spain; canceling all international events for three weeks; requiring people who were recently in a high-risk country to self-isolate; closing their borders; and prohibiting events with more than 100 people effective 19 March.[1]

In accordance with the ban on large gatherings, on 18 March, the Togolese Football Federation suspended competitions. Other events were canceled too, including the FILBLEU literature festival.[2]


COVID-19 cases in Togo  ()
     Deaths        Recoveries        Active cases
# of cases
9(+8) (+800%)
16(+7) (+78%)
25(+9) (+56%)
Sources: various news sources and state health department websites. See Timeline Table and Timeline narrative for sources.

On 6 March, Togolese authorities announced the first COVID-19 case, a 42-year-old Togolese woman who travelled between Germany, France, Turkey, and Benin before returning to Togo.[3] On this date, it was reported that she was being treated in isolation and her condition was stable.[4]

On 20 March, nine more cases were confirmed in Togo. On this day, the first case has recovered, as indicated by the Ministry of Health.[5][6] Seven more cases were confirmed on 21 March. In an attempt to control the spread of the virus in Togo, all borders to the country were closed. The cities of Lomé, Tsévié, Kpalimé, and Sokodé have been quarantined starting on 20 March for two weeks.[7][8]

The first death occurred on 27 March.[9]


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