2020 coronavirus pandemic in Madagascar

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2020 coronavirus pandemic in Madagascar
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
Index caseAntananarivo
Arrival date20 March 2020
(1 week and 6 days)
Confirmed cases59

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached Madagascar in March 2020.


Lockdowns were implemented in at least two cities.[1] The government announced on 17 March that all international and regional flights would be suspended for 30 days starting 20 March.[2]

Due to the crisis, a lack of international tourists caused problems for the tourism industry.[3] Ambatovy mine suspended operations.[1] The Central Bank of Madagascar injected hundreds of billions of ariary into the banking system to ease the economic damage caused by COVID-19.[4]


On 20 March, the first three cases were confirmed in Madagascar. All were women.[5]


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