2020 Abkhazian presidential election

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2020 Abkhazian presidential election

← 2019 22 March 2020
  Aslan Bzhaniya.jpg Adgur Ardzinba.jpg
Candidate Aslan Bzhania Adgur Ardzinba
Party Independent FNUA[1]
Running mate Badr Gunba Arda Enverovich Ashub
Popular vote 53,741 33,686
Percentage 58.92% 36.93%

President before election

Valeri Bganba (interim)

Elected President

Aslan Bzhania

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Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Abkhazia on 22 March 2020 following the decision of the Supreme Court to annul the results of the 2019 election on 10 January, and the subsequent resignation of President Raul Khajimba due to protests against his presidency.[2]

Aslan Bzhania was considered the frontrunner in the elections,[3][4][5] and was elected with around 59% of the vote.


Presidential candidate Career Supporting Parties Vice Presidential candidate
Adgur Ardzinba Current Minister for Economy and Vice Prime Minister Apsny,[6] Aruaa,[7] Forum for the National Unity of Abkhazia, People's Party of Abkhazia[8] Arda Enverovich Ashub
Aslan Bzhania Former Head of the State Security Service of Abkhazia Amtsakhara,[9] United Abkhazia[10] Badr Gunba
Leonid Dzapshba Former Minister for Internal Affairs of Abkhazia Akzaara Viktor Shamilovich Khashba

Preliminary results

Candidate Votes %
Aslan Bzhania 53,741 58.92
Adgur Ardzinba 33,686 36.93
Leonid Dzapshba 2,114 2.32
None of the above 1,666 1.83
Invalid/blank votes 3,092
Total 94,299 100
Registered voters/turnout 132,916 70.95
Source: Apsnypress


After the elections results were announced, Bzhania gave a press conference. He announced planned constitutional reforms and that Alexander Ankvab would be the next prime minister.[11][12]


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