1951 FA Cup Final

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1951 FA Cup Final
Old Wembley Stadium (external view).jpg
Event1950–51 FA Cup
Date28 April 1951
VenueWembley Stadium, London
RefereeBill Ling (Stapleford)

The 1951 FA Cup Final was contested by Newcastle United and Blackpool at Wembley on 28 April 1951. Newcastle won 2–0, with both goals scored by Jackie Milburn.

Bill Slater, who played at inside left for losers Blackpool, was the last surviving player to have appeared in the final. He died in December 2018 at the age of 91. The last surviving Newcastle United player from the final was Charlie Crowe, who died in February 2010 at the age of 85.[1]

Match details

Newcastle United2–0Blackpool
Milburn Goal 50' Goal 55' (Report)
Attendance: 100,000 approx.
Referee: Bill Ling
Newcastle United
GK 1 England Jack Fairbrother
RB 2 England Bobby Cowell
LB 3 England Bobby Corbett
RH 4 England Joe Harvey (c)
CH 5 Scotland Frank Brennan
LH 6 England Charlie Crowe
OR 7 England Tommy Walker
IR 8 England Ernie Taylor
CF 9 England Jackie Milburn
IL 10 Chile George Robledo
OL 11 Scotland Bobby Mitchell
England Stan Seymour
GK 1 Scotland George Farm
RB 2 England Eddie Shimwell
LB 3 England Tommy Garrett
RH 4 England Harry Johnston (c)
CH 5 England Eric Hayward
LH 6 Scotland Hugh Kelly
OR 7 England Stanley Matthews
IR 8 Scotland Jackie Mudie
CF 9 England Stan Mortensen
IL 10 England Bill Slater
OL 11 England Bill Perry
England Joe Smith


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