1947 FA Cup Final

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1947 FA Cup Final
Old Wembley Stadium (external view).jpg
Event1946–47 FA Cup
After extra time
Date26 April 1947
VenueWembley Stadium, London
RefereeJim Wiltshire (Sherborne)

The 1947 FA Cup Final was the 66th final of the FA Cup. It took place on 26 April 1947 at Wembley Stadium and was contested between Charlton Athletic and Burnley. Charlton were appearing in their second consecutive final after losing to Derby County the previous year, while Second Division Burnley were appearing in their first final since 1914.

Charlton won the match 1–0 after extra time, with Chris Duffy scoring the winning goal. For the second consecutive year, the ball burst during the match; both incidents were later put down to the poor quality of leather available after World War II.

Route to the final


  • Third round: 4–1 v Rochdale (home)
  • Fourth round: 2–1 v West Brom (away)
  • Fifth round: 1–0 v Blackburn (home)
  • Quarter-finals: 2–1 v Preston (home)
  • Semi-finals: 4–0 v Newcastle (neutral)


  • Third round: 5–1 v Aston Villa (home)
  • Fourth round: 2–0 v Coventry (home)
  • Fifth round: 3–0 v Luton (home)
  • Quarter-finals: 1–1 v Middlesbrough (away) – Replay 1–0 (home)
  • Semi-finals: 0–0 v Liverpool (neutral) – Replay 1–0 (neutral)

Match details

Charlton Athletic1–0 (a.e.t.)Burnley
Duffy Goal 114' Report
Attendance: 98,215
Referee: J. M. Wiltshire
Charlton Athletic
GK 1 England Sam Bartram
RB 2 England Peter Croker
LB 3 England John Shreeve
RH 4 England Herbert Johnson
CH 5 England Harold Phipps
LH 6 England Bill Whittaker
OR 7 England Gordon Hurst
IR 8 England Tommy Dawson
CF 9 England William Robinson
IL 10 England Don Welsh (c)
OL 11 Scotland Chris Duffy
England Jimmy Seed
GK 1 England George Strong
RB 2 England Arthur Woodruff
LB 3 England Harry Mather
RH 4 England Reg Attwell
CH 5 England Alan Brown (c)
LH 6 England George Bray
OR 7 England Jackie Chew
IR 8 Wales Billy Morris
CF 9 England Ray Harrison
IL 10 England Harry Potts
OL 11 England Peter Kippax
England Cliff Britton

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