1946 FA Cup Final

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1946 FA Cup Final
Old Wembley Stadium (external view).jpg
Event1945–46 FA Cup
After extra time
Date27 April 1946
VenueWembley Stadium, London
RefereeEddie Smith (Cumberland)

The 1946 FA Cup Final was the 65th final of the FA Cup, and the first after World War II. It took place on 27 April 1946 at Wembley Stadium and was contested between Derby County and Charlton Athletic.

Derby won the match 4–1 after extra time. Charlton's Bert Turner scored an own goal and then scored for his own team, thus becoming the first player to score for both sides in an FA Cup Final. Goals from Peter Doherty and Jackie Stamps (2) in the extra-time period gave Derby their first, and so far only, FA Cup triumph.

Match summary

The game was goalless until the 85th minute, when a cross from the right was punched out by goalkeeper Sam Bartram, but it went straight to Dally Duncan who shot goalwards; Bert Turner tried to kick the ball clear, but only managed to deflect the ball into his own net.[1] In the next minute, Turner scored for his own side when he took a free-kick from the edge of the Rams’ penalty area and, although goalkeeper Vic Woodley appeared to have the shot well covered, the ball struck a Derby player and was deflected past Woodley into the opposite corner of the net to which he was diving.[1]

Turner thus became the first player to score for both sides in an FA Cup Final,[2] subsequently repeated by Tommy Hutchison in 1981 and Gary Mabbutt in 1987.[2] At the age of 36 years 312 days, Turner also became the oldest player to score in an FA Cup Final.[3][4]

The match finished level after 90 minutes, but, in extra time, Derby County scored three goals to win the match 4–1.

When Stamps shot for goal in the closing minutes of normal time, the ball burst en route. Stamps went on to score twice with the new ball as Derby beat Charlton Athletic 4–1. A week earlier, when the same sides had met in the League[citation needed], the match ball had also burst.

The players in the 1946 Cup final were awarded two medals each. Due to a shortage of gold following the Second World War, the two teams were initially presented with bronze medals (winners and runners-up) on the day, and subsequently awarded the proper gold versions when gold became more readily available later that year.[5][6]

Derby's Reg Harrison (born 1923) is the last surviving player from the game.

Match details

Derby County4–1 (a.e.t.)Charlton Athletic
B. Turner Goal 85' (o.g.)
Doherty Goal 92'
Stamps Goal 97'106'
(Report) B. Turner Goal 86'
Attendance: 98,000
Referee: Eddie Smith (Cumberland)
Derby County
Charlton Athletic
GK 1 England Vic Woodley
RB 2 England Jack Nicholas (c)
LB 3 England Jack Howe
RH 4 Scotland Jim Bullions
CH 5 England Leon Leuty
LH 6 England Chick Musson
OR 7 England Reg Harrison
IR 8 England Raich Carter
CF 9 England Jackie Stamps
IL 10 Northern Ireland Peter Doherty
OL 11 Scotland Dally Duncan
England Stuart McMillan
GK 1 England Sam Bartram
RB 2 England Harold Phipps
LB 3 England Jack Shreeve
RH 4 Wales Bert Turner
CH 5 England Jack Oakes
LH 6 England Bert Johnson
OR 7 England Les Fell
IR 8 England Sailor Brown
CF 9 England Arthur Turner
IL 10 England Don Welsh (c)
OL 11 Scotland Chris Duffy
England Jimmy Seed

Match rules

  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary.
  • Replay if scores still level.
  • No substitutes.


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