1890 FA Cup Final

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1890 FA Cup Final
1890 FA Cup final official programme.jpg
The official match programme
EventFA Cup 1889–90
Date29 March 1890
VenueKennington Oval, London
RefereeMajor Francis Marindin

The 1890 FA Cup Final was contested by Blackburn Rovers and The Wednesday at the Kennington Oval. Blackburn won 6–1, with goals from William Townley (3), Nat Walton, Jack Southworth and Joe Lofthouse. The Wednesday's goal was scored by Albert Mumford. Townley's hat-trick was the first in an FA Cup Final. This was the last of seven consecutive and eight total finals refereed by Major Francis Marindin.

Haydn Arthur Morley, who was Wednesday's captain in the final, earned his living as a solicitor.[1] This was the seventh, and last, final in a row that had been officiated by Major Francis Marindin of the Royal Engineers and veteran of the Crimean War.[2]

The Final

Match details

Blackburn Rovers6–1The Wednesday
Townley Goal 5' Goal 40' Goal 70'
Walton Goal 10'
Southworth Goal 44'
Lofthouse Goal 85'
Mumford Goal 50'
Attendance: 20,000
Referee: Major Francis Marindin
Blackburn Rovers
The Wednesday
Johnny Horne
James Southworth
John Forbes
John Barton
Geordie Dewar
Jimmy Forrest
Joe Lofthouse
Harry Campbell
Jack Southworth
Nat Walton
William Townley
Jim Smith
Haydn Morley (Captain)
Teddy Brayshaw
Jack Dungworth
Billy Betts
George Waller
Billy Ingram
Harry Woolhouse
Michael Bennett
Albert Mumford
Tom Cawley


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