1887 FA Cup Final

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1887 FA Cup Final
Aston villa west bromwich 1887 final.jpg
A scene of the match
Event1886–87 FA Cup
Date2 April 1887
VenueKennington Oval, London
RefereeFrancis Marindin

The 1887 FA Cup Final was a football match between Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion at the Kennington Oval. It was the final of the fifteenth staging of the FA Cup which saw 124 teams compete for the final. The final was won by Aston Villa with goals coming from Archie Hunter and Hodgetts to give Aston Villa a 2–0 victory.

Route to the Final

Aston Villa's route to the final was a turbulent one, smashing Wednesbury Old Athletic 13–0 in the first round, but having to play three replays against Wolverhampton Wanderers. After that, they recovered to make it to the final.

Although West Bromwich Albion didn't have any wins nearly as large as Aston Villa's, their path to the final was less turbulent, constantly defeating teams without much variation.[1]

Aston Villa

Round Opponent Score
1 Wednesbury Old Athletic 13–0
2 Derby Midland 6–1
3 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2–2
3 (Replay) Wolverhampton Wanderers 1–1
3 (Second Replay) Wolverhampton Wanderers 3–3
3 (Third Replay) Wolverhampton Wanderers 2–0
4 Notts County Both teams allowed through
5 Horncastle 5–0
6 Darwen 3–2
Semi-Finals Rangers 3–1

West Bromwich Albion

Round Opponent Score
1 Burton Wanderers 6–0
2 Derby Junction 2–1
3 Crewe Alexandra Both teams allowed through
4 Mitchell St. George's 1–0
5 Lockwood Brothers 1–0 (Match voided)
5 (replay) Lockwood Brothers 2–1
6 Notts County 4–1
Semi-Finals Preston North End 3–1


Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion had already played each other in the FA Cup once, in 1885. They played out a goalless draw, with West Bromwich winning the replay 3–0.[2] Although the two clubs have a fierce rivalry, this match was well before the rivalry developed and was probably not even a catalyst for the rivalry.


After defeating the incredibly strong team Preston North End in the semis, West Bromwich began the match as favourites. For forty-five minutes, the Aston Villa defense was besieged. The Albion strikers even attempted to run the goalie over his own goal line. However, the first half ended goalless. In the second half, momentum began to shift Villa's way, as West Brom lost confidence. Finally, Villa broke the deadlock when Archie Hunter fired home, the West Brom goalie not even attempting a save, believing Hunter to be offside. In the final minute, Villa completed the win, with Dennis Hodgetts colliding with West Bromwich Albion goalie Bob Roberts, and poking the ball over the line to make it 2–0[1]


Aston Villa, winning side
Aston Villa2–0West Bromwich Albion
Hunter Goal
Hodgetts Goal
Attendance: 15,500
Aston Villa
W.B. Albion
Aston Villa
GK Jimmy Warner
DF Frank Coulton
DF Joseph Simmonds
MF John Burton
MF Harry Yates
MF Frankie Dawson
FW Richmond Davis
FW Albert Brown
FW Archie Hunter (Captain) Goal
FW Howard Vaughton
FW Dennis Hodgetts Goal
West Bromwich Albion
GK Bob Roberts
DF Harry Green
DF Albert Aldridge
MF Ezra Horton
MF Charlie Perry
MF George Timmins
FW George Woodhall
FW Tommy Green
FW Jem Bayliss (Captain)
FW Jack Paddock
FW Tom Pearson


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