1883 FA Cup Final

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1883 FA Cup Final
Blackburn Olympic, winners
Event1882–83 FA Cup
Date31 March 1883
VenueKennington Oval, London
RefereeMajor Marindin[1]

The 1883 FA Cup Final was contested by Blackburn Olympic and Old Etonians at the Kennington Oval. Blackburn Olympic won 2–1 after extra time. James Costley and Arthur Matthews scored for Blackburn; Harry Goodhart for Old Etonians. It was a watershed match for the sport, as for the first time in an FA Cup final a working-class team playing the 'combination game' (passing) were triumphant over a team playing the public school tactics of 'rushing' and 'scrimmages'.[2]


Blackburn Olympic, coached by former England player, Jack Hunter, had previously eliminated Lower Darwen, Darwen Ramblers and Druids, reaching the final after a 4–0 over Old Carthusians in the semi-final. On the other hand, Old Etonians earned to play their third consecutive final, although they were not the favourites to win the match.[3]

The following is the chronicle of the match, as it appeared on The Morning Post:

Match details

Blackburn Olympic2–1 (a.e.t.)Old Etonians
Goal Matthews
Goal 107' Costley
Report Goal Goodhart
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Major Marindin
Blackburn Olympic
Old Etonians
GK Thomas Hacking
DF James Ward
DF Albert Warburton
DF Thomas Gibson
DF William Astley
MF Jack Hunter
FW Thomas Dewhurst
FW Alfred Matthews
FW George Wilson
FW James Costley
FW John Yates
GK John Rawlinson
DF Thomas French
DF Percy de Paravicini
MF Arthur Kinnaird
MF Charles Foley
MF Arthur Dunn
FW Herbert Bainbridge
FW John Chevallier
FW William Anderson
FW Harry Goodhart
FW Reginald Macaulay


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